The Documentary

What Shapes Your Life? #DespiteTheLoss | A first-time filmmaker confronts the stigma of disability while coming to terms with his own limb difference. Available NOW on iTunes, Prime Video, & Vimeo On Demand!

In his directorial debut Jason Schneider set out to parallel his own story of overcoming adversity on the racetrack with stories of others like him. His thesis? That amputees don’t see the world through, or buy into, a disabled label. But when an accident forces him to question the very meaning of disability, his sense of self unravels. Through personal accounts, interviews with the people who know him best, and profiles from a diverse group of amputees, Jason dissects and reframes his life, intertwining the trials and tribulations of building a race car with his personal journey for self acceptance.

“Despite the Loss is a thoughtful, compassionate, and soul-baring film. Schneider’s honesty is refreshing and at times powerfully raw.” —Hagerty Magazine.

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Official Selection YoFiFest 2019
US Release Date: June 4, 2019
Genre: Documentary
Directed By: Jason Schneider


  1. Kathleen Howe says:

    Great teaser can’t wait to see the doc!

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