The Documentary

It started as a vision to make a documentary about following your dreams despite limitations. That anything is possible when you put your mind to it… that amputees don’t see the world through, or buy into, a disabled label. Sans the sappy violin treatment.

The film follows along as I build a 300zx Twin Turbo track car and attempt to drive it competitively, taking on many new challenges and pushing the limits of my “disability” in the process.

But it’s become so much more than that for me. It’s a journey film where I begin to identify with the fact that, yes, I’m an amputee, and yes, some people may look at me as handicapped, disabled, etc, exploring what that really means to me, becoming more comfortable with who I am, and how the world may or may not perceive me. More importantly, how I perceive myself.

Along the journey I meet (and profile) other amputees pursuing their dreams and share in their experiences.

More info about the filmmaker can be found here: Jason Schneider

This is a feature length documentary still in production.

Please enjoy the trailer and stay tuned for more updates!

Below are some of our older trailers from a few years ago. Give it a watch if you want to see how far the project has come.


  1. Kathleen Howe says:

    Great teaser can’t wait to see the doc!

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