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Years ago, I remember thinking my first Z32 had incredibly bright headlights (compared to anything I had driven at that time). Flash forward 10 years, and my 06 (non HID) Honda Civic puts it to shame. What a difference 10 years of technology make.

I was incredibly disappointed while driving my current Z at night; it was damn near dangerous how lousy the stock Halogen projectors were. HID retrofit kits are fairly cheap, but they’re well known to not work correctly (and for being illegal) when installed in “non HID” designed housings, the most common issue being a non focused beam shooting bright light everywhere without the proper cutoff (blinding other drivers in the process).

So when a forum post introducing a new LED retrofit kit popped up (that was said to work correctly with the old Halogen housings), I took a chance and got in on the group buy. Here are my first impressions.