The Extended JSWORKS Documentary Trailer Is Here!

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Documentary
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(Editors note: The original trailer has been replaced with our new official trailer for 2019.)

I’ve been sitting on this trailer for almost a year now. Sure, I’ve shown it to some people I trust, and the response was always great, but in my mind, it was never going to be good enough. This is not just the story of this project, but the story of my life.

I’ve written on this blog before about struggles with my hyper critical nature. And suffer from a serious lack of trusting my own judgement. But the time for that is over. I just finished a long stint of edit gigs in NYC, and fresh off the heels of my “This Doesn’t Define You” post, came back to this project with a renewed determination to finish this film. This is the most important thing I have ever done with my life to date. And I’m here to tell you that I won’t just finish it… but smash it out the fucking park.

Last night my friend Bill (who’s been shooting for me the past few months) and I went out to experiment with his Nikon. I had an idea about pick up shots to really bring this trailer to life, and I was riddled with anxiety about it the entire day. I had no plans to work with the new footage right away, but when I reviewed it, I started cutting… cutting till I could barely see straight.

When I woke up, and watched what I had done, I couldn’t wait to share it. Is it perfect? No. But nothing can ever be “perfect,” and I want to try and embrace that. In the end, that’s what this project is all about. Please like and share the trailer if it moves you, and let me know what you think in the comments. This is just the beginning.


  1. Jeremy Greene says:


  2. Ghentleman says:

    Love it Jason! Really well shot and exceptionally spoken. Looking forward to Trailer #2!

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