NASA Banquet (Avenue A Club)

Posted: February 17, 2012 in 300ZX Build, Automotive Related
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Last Saturday I took a trip to the annual NASA Northeast 2011 season awards banquet – held at the incredible Avenue A Club (in Newark NJ of all places).

Sean over at SPL Pro Suspension (one of my build sponsors) suggested I join the NASA forums to get more info on road racing in my region (rules/classes/etc.), as well as link up with other drivers in my area.

The guys over at the NASA Northeast forum couldn’t have been more helpful! After answering many of my questions, they suggested I take a trip to the banquet as a way to meet fellow racers face to face and get an idea of what NASA’s all about. So my fiancée and I decided to take the trip down.

Avenue A Club is a really cool spot. Tucked away in what looks like an abandoned industrial area in Newark NJ (what part of Newark doesn’t look like this), is this meticulously restored firehouse with a car museum downstairs and banquet area upstairs overlooking the museum below. It’s a semi-private club & gallery that can be rented as an event space.











Abby and I sat with a bunch of guys from the American Iron class, one of which had lived in the same city I spent a few years at back in Florida (small world)!

After dinner, awards were handed out for the 2011 NASA season and prizes raffled off. Everyone was incredibly friendly and we had a great time meeting a lot of great people. Both of us even won raffle prizes!

Abby photo bombing excited about our raffle prizes!


Group of old Goats - My dad bought a 65 GTO for his first car way back in 1965.


















The guys really put me on the right track (pun intended) on what to expect as I get ready to start attending track days with the Z.

Shout out to all the great people we met that night – Tony, Erik, Kieran, and Ray (among many others). Looking forward to seeing them all at the HPDE (High Performance Driving Events) this spring.

Top Gear UK did a story about this car. When the doors open up, the B pillars go with them. Doors extended - it's supposed to look like the Lamborghini bull with the horns.

Back to work I go. I’ve got a lot to finish on the Z before spring!



  1. thonczarenko says:

    It was great meeting you at the NASA dinner in January, Jay! Looking forward to following the build.

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