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Posted: January 21, 2012 in 300ZX Build
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I still remember the day we picked her up. “She” was a 1990 300zx Twin Turbo with only 64K on the clock. My cousin Mike called and said, “I found a Z on eBay, come with me to Florida to pick her up!”

He wanted my help evaluating the car before laying down his hard earned cash (and a second driver behind the wheel for the 20 hour trip back). I had owned two Twin Turbo Z’s over the years, so I knew these cars a bit better than he did. We flew into Tampa and I checked the car over as best I could (without tools or a lift), and agreed it looked pretty clean (if only I had brought along a magnet… but more on that in future posts).

The car had a bunch of decent mods – Intake, Exhaust, Turbo Upgrades, some Suspension goodies… So Mike forked over the cash and we began the trip home.

Flash-forward about a year and the car was treating him well. Minor maintenance issues here and there, but overall mechanically sound. Until the unthinkable happened…

We live in the Northeast, which most car guys North of the Mason-Dixon can tell you, means storing your “baby” during the snowy winter months. But Mother Nature can be a cruel mistress!

After losing his storage space, Mike asked a friend to move the car over to a new garage he had just rented. Unaware of the power the Z produced (and unable to handle it), his friend got on the GO pedal a little to hard and ended up in a ditch, but not before taking out a telephone pole along the way!

Unfortunately with only liability coverage (he removed collision while in storage), and $7000 in estimated damages, Mike was unable to repair the car. So it sat for over two years.

At that time, I was fresh off the two-year restoration of a 69 Mustang I planned to road race – much to the dismay of my fiancée.

See, we first met while driving that Mustang. So for her, the car holds significant sentimental value. The thought of me abusing it on a racetrack was none too appealing.

Then my cousin came calling again.

Mike was moving out of state, and the thought of dragging the Z with him, like a 3600-pound weight on his back, wasn’t something he was interested in. He wanted to unload it, fast! We talked it over and I agreed to purchase the car, not really sure my plans for it.

Then it hit me, make the Z my race car! (Sparing the Mustang a life of track duty in the process.) The wheels started turning. I always wanted to learn to weld… and I did some bodywork back in high school… I can totally fix it myself!

And so the saga begins.


  1. Gilbert Casanova says:


    Excellent. I applaud your effort. I am sure you will get a lot of support from the community. If you need anything I might be able to help you with. Please let me know. I own a few Z cars myself and work on them daily.


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